Portable Wash Basin

Mobile Hairdressing Wash Basin

As a Mobile Hairdresser, it’s important to give your clients a professional hairdressing experience, even whilst in the comfort of their own homes.  That’s why at Urbanity, we provide a range of Portable Wash Basins that make washing your clients’ hair more comfortable for your both.  In the past, many Mobile Hairdressers have simply washed clients’ hair over the bath or in the kitchen sink, however, this is not professional, nor is it comfortable.

A Mobile Hairdressing Wash Basin from Urbanity provides a professional service to your clients, and you as a Hairdresser know exactly where you will wash your clients hair when you get to their homes.

With their sleek designs and black colour, our Portable Wash Basin range would fit into any home interior and would make you as a Mobile Hairdresser look professional to your customers.